Make your own bubble solution

The Fast Formula
If you want to get started blowing bubbles immediately, just mix up a bubble solution using liquid dish washing detergent. 1 part detergent to 15 parts water is a reasonable mix. About one cup of water is all you will need to get started.

Choosing the right detergent

Using the right soap or detergent is important. Some detergents, especially if they are to be used in washing machines or dishwashers will contain anti-foaming ingredients. It is best to look for soap or detergent that will never be used in machines. A good choice is a liquid dish washing detergent that is exclusively for hand washing. The detergent used in the following description is Joy Ultra made by Procter and Gamble. Dawn is also a good alternative, but these are by no means the only options. 

Advance Preparation

Anything that comes in contact with the solution should be clean. Any grease, alcohol or solid impurities left on mixing containers or bottles will adversely effect bubble production. The water you use can also adversely affect the solution. It is best to use "soft" water. Some water especially well water may contain minerals that are not desirable for bubble production. Add less soap for hard water.

Testing your solution

You can perform the following test to see if the solution you are using is as good as or better than mine.
In a controlled environment with the windows closed and no drafts do the following:
Blow a bubble exhaling ten times. After the tenth breath top the mouth end of the blowing tube and start timing the life span of the bubbles. When the bubble bursts, record the time in minutes and seconds. Do this ten times and then sum the ten individual tests and divide by 10 to get an average life span of the bubble. Bubbles usually last an average of 2:08.

Aging of the solution
You can improve on the solution just by leaving it stand in an open container overnight. Ten hours later the solution mentioned above achieved an average life span of 3:29. This is an incredible 63% improvement over the freshly prepared solution and it really pays off.

Bubbles For The Back Yard:
In a 5 gallon bucket follow either of the recipes below. Tie a six-pack ring (or two) on a stick and let the bubbles soar...gently. This can provide hours of fun as long as you do not create any suds. NO SUDS! When your solution starts getting sudsy, skim the suds off the top into another bucket. They eventually settle and become more bubble juice!

12 cups water
1 cup Joy / Dawn / Ultra Blue Ivory
4 Tablespoons of glycerine 


8 parts water
1 part soap (see above options)

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