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Welcome to the wonderful world of Bubbles! Even Mark Twain once said, “A soap bubble is the most beautiful thing, and the most exquisite in nature”. Bubbles appeal to all ages, and whether you’re 1 or 101, the colors and fabulous shapes of these larger-than-life spherical liquids grab your attention. No one can resist their wonder and beauty. Sometimes the bubble splendour will last a few seconds or a few minutes, as it reflects light with all the colours of the rainbow. These circles of floating goop can perform “miracles” only limited by our imagination. Magically they transform into a geometric shape, an insect, carnival ride, or a floating capsule, ready to take you to another world! All are mesmerized by the simple yet complex shape of the bubble and astounded by the special tricks it is capable of. Bubbles leave a lasting and unforgettable memory. “How is it done?” you may ask. You will have to come and see for yourself. Come and be part of the show; it will be an unforgettable moment in your life!!


Karlheinz the Bubbleman takes great pride in sharing the magical world of bubbles with you. This show tantalizes the senses and seems almost impossible to be real. This is not a magic show or a circus act but it is so magical you will want to be part of it again and again. If you scream just right, you might be chosen to experience the bubbling experience up close and personal. There is nothing quite like it! The Bubbleman uses his magical tools to create bubbles as small as a penny or as big as a house. He can even put people inside bubble... but make sure you are floating upright just in case the bubble pops!


What will you see in a Bubbleman Show……giant encasing bubbles, exploding spheres, comedy, bouncing somersaulting trampoline bubbles, musically choreographed table bubbles, smiles, excitement, lining up for miles for their turn to be in a bubble, lots of colours, giggly goop, carousels, caterpillars, snakes, trumpets, cylinders of smoke (smoke machine smoke that is….), balls of fire, three into ones, small one in a big one, educational moments, city of bubbles, smoke escaping bubbles, lots of tiny ready to pop or catch bubbles, pure innocent fun!


Come join a local Bubbleologist who shares his soapsy wizardry with young and old. This Bubbleman does neat tricks with soap bubbles. He can make them as large as cars, or make a million tiny ones to float around. These shows will be an exciting demonstration of amazing things bubbles can do, which includes audience participation and comical moments. If you’d like to reconnect with your inner child, or you are looking for something truly unique and unforgettable, come find the Bubble Man!


CREATIVE BUBBLING - “A bubbly experience for young and old!”

Where has the BubbleMan been? Over the last 14 years he has performed for many, many different kinds of people. This includes Fairs, Corporate functions, Festivals, Community Dinners, Picnics, Christmas Parties, Birthday Parties, Schools, Senior Homes, Specialized education centres, Churches, Family Gatherings, Adult Parties, and Weddings. The options and places are nearly unlimited! We would love to be at your next event or community/company function! Hope to see you soon!


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